The grass is beginning to take on that lovely green hue. Canadian Geese and Snow Geese are making their way to our fields. It’s warming up some and we are all getting outdoors more. Things are changing in our lives too. For one I have changed occupations. I enjoyed what I was doing before but needed a change. Now I am a daycare worker and I love it. I’m working eight-hour days Monday through Fridays – a major adjustment for me. Thus the lack of blogs!  I’m starting to get settled into my new routine and I hope to fix that issue. Little J has to put up with me at daycare and at home. Watching him grow now he’s around the other children has been fun. He’s taking a Speech class to overcome his speech delay. Already I can hear the progress. He’s actually becoming a bit chatty and really enjoying singing a lot too! He was three in March and is still very tall for his age. In the spirit of getting healthy I’m embarking once more on the Tone it Up Bikini Challenge which starts April 24th. If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know I have yet to complete this challenge! I completed it once a long time a go and won some great prizes but it’s been many years since. Though it’s true I am back down to a healthy weight for my height, I really want to feel strong enough to keep up with the kids I work with. I’d also like being more toned but I can’t get there without dropping some pounds first. My hubby is doing very well, working hard and sculpting some great new pieces. He’s getting ready for the Pekin Days Art Show which is in June of this year. Josh has completed some storyboard work and is now deciding if he really wants to garden this year or not. Josh is improving his health too and is doing a great job sticking to healthier foods. I missed doing a Spring Cleaning series this year due to work. 🙁 and I’ll keep this month pretty light as I try to get a new schedule and writing habit. I’m thinking blogs will likely be up on the weekends or Monday mornings and not during the week for this month at least. I have to say I’ve missed sharing with you and getting your opinions and emails. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things.

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