Summer has just about ended. Kids are in school and the leaves have begun to change color.  That means it’s time for me to blog again. We had a wonderful summer although it was a busy one.  I last posted in the spring and I’d just started working full-time. I took the summer off from writing so that I could focus on my work and building new routines for my family.  I’m feeling a bit more settled now so writing can begin again.

Summer Entry Pekin

I worked all summer so I didn’t do anything too thrilling. No special trips this year however we still had a great time as a family.  We started the summer once again with  the Pekin Days Art Show.  This year was just as wonderful as ever.  So many talented artists sell their work in this show. Amongst them this year were works from my father-in-law Boyd and my husband Josh. I didn’t submit an entry this year but I did judge the sidewalk arts festival again.  It was even tougher to judge this year as the kids did such great work!

Summer Garden 2017

One of the summer undertakings was our garden. All of the credit for this goes to Josh. As I work forty hours a week outside of the home, I had little to do with this. We’ve enjoyed our garden produce. Especially jalapeño poppers and baked tomatoes. Yum 🙂 Lots of potatoes and one or two sweet potatoes. We have lost some to critters here and there but all in all the garden this year was a success. We love having Little J in the garden at least long enough to know where his food comes from. Hope he’s learning.

Summer Gardening Dad and Little J

Josh was busy this summer. He’s now writing!  His new business “Fun Little Books” is a collection of stories for children available on Kindle and iTunes.  I’m so incredibly proud of these stories and I can’t wait to see where this avenue leads him.  In addition Josh is still storyboarding, sculpting and illustrating for clients.

Josh's summer undertaking.

My, my how Little J has grown this summer. He is now a Preschooler. I’m thrilled with his progress. He’s a Mickey fan and has now taught himself to draw Mickey Mouse.  He’s a fan of the outdoors and loves to write, read and play with cars. I’m so proud of him. We had a great time at the Threshing Bee at Stump Lake Village this year. While Josh helped to make Lefse for patrons of the event, Little J and I got some quality time together.

Summer fun at Stump Lake

I hope you all had wonderful summers. I know there are some among you who are going through a lot in the aftermath of storms and flooding please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

That’s all for now. With Love Michelle