This is a bit outside of my usual writing style but I could not go by without reaching out and giving some love to my neighbors in the Caribbean. When I was growing up in Barbados there were occasions when we were under threat of hurricanes. However, my memories of hurricanes on the island were always of near misses. Brushes with the wrath of mother nature. Barbados has been luckily out of the direct path of most hurricanes though I recall my father always reminding us not to become complacent as mother nature is fickle.

Maria passed close by Barbados. Flooding and some damaged property and trees were the main effect of Maria on our Island. Schools closed but reopened later in the week. Hurricane Maria, however, went on to cause much more severe damage throughout the Caribbean. Harvey, Irma and then Maria. This season has been one strong Hurricane after another and the region is hurting.

The devastation Hurricane Maria caused the island of Dominica is far beyond anything I have experienced.  I think about the children growing up there who have now been through something I never have. Something I would never wish on anyone. I think about their health and their homes. I can’t imagine what Dominicans are going through. The entire Caribbean Community (including Barbados which has pledged aid) is rallying around you Dominica. It will take time but you will overcome.

Puerto Rico was also devastated by hurricane Maria. Many in there are without power, food and water.  People here in the U.S. and in other countries, are searching for their family members on the island. The thought of not being able to reach my family in such circumstances is heart breaking. Charity efforts for these countries have already started. A quick search online will help one find many legitimate places to donate. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost ones in this deadly Hurricane season.

Though this post is focuses on Hurricane Maria, I want to take the opportunity to also send thoughts and prayers to our neighbors in Mexico effected by the earthquakes there. My heart goes out to you.

Just my thoughts. With Love. Michelle


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