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It’s October! Fall is definitely making its mark. Golden trees are dancing in cool winds and I’m looking forward to what I hope will be a very good month. Today I’m sharing our favorite moments and products from September and a bit of what I’m looking forward to this month.

My Journal and Franklin Planner - September Favorites 2017

My favorite discovery this September was bullet journaling. I love watching bullet journal videos and I think it’s an absolutely creative way to plan. Though I admire the many ways people are using it to plan their day, I think I want to use it more in my personal journal. It’s such a great way to record goals and track progress. I also love drawing in my personal journal. For daily planning though, I’m sticking to my Franklin Planner and my Calendar 5 app.

Netflix is a definite addiction. Murdoch Mysteries (aka the Artful detective in the U.S.) has been this months main love. Murdoch is a detective at the turn of the 20th Century with a sharp analytical mind. This is such a fun series staring Yannick Bisson as Detective Murdoch. The series is well cast with one of my personal favorite characters, Constable George Crabtree, played by actor Jonny Harris. We are also fans of The Crown, The Last Kingdom (definitely for adult audiences) and The Blacklist.    

Little J playing his Fisher Price Lion Piano. Our cat watches.


Little J loves watching home videos and reenacting them. This is also how’s he’s taught himself to play Twinkle Twinkle on the piano.  We love his piano. When we purchased it we didn’t really even know all of its features. It’s more like a keyboard with various instrument sounds and is a great way to teach little kids to play and love music. Our son gets a kick out of recording himself playing and then listening to the playback.

Little J also has two favorite books he’s now using to learn how to read. Guess how much I Love You and Because I Am Your Dad. These books have been read repeatedly in our household.

Josh in the Garden, Tomatoes and Morning Glories

My last favorite of the month actually has everything to do with my husband Josh. The garden. As I said is my last post, I’ve hardly been working in there this year. Any success we’ve had is entirely because of God and Josh. I love looking out of my office window and seeing the morning glories, tomatoes and sunflowers.
These have certainly brought us joy last month.  This October I’m looking forward to trying some new products. I’m also looking forward to Halloween fun with my boys.

Wishing you all the best this October. With Love. Michelle.

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