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Planning is important to me as I’m naturally scatter brained . My way of reigning in the random and refining my thoughts is a simple planning routine I am happy to share today.

At the beginning of the month I take out my planner and my supplies to get started. I gather schedules and list around the house. On my computer, I go to my social media sites and mail to check for dates there. These dates all go into my calendar, paying attention as I work, to dates I may want to highlight as especially important. I no longer color code however. I like to keep it simple so now I use color more esthetically than functionally. It feels more natural to me to work this way. My planner should be pretty but not a time eater in and of itself.

I actually love stickers for scheduling but use them sparingly.  They are fun and motivating but too many stickers distract me.  It’s important to see the details of my day just as easily as the beauty of a sticker decorated spread.

Planning with stickers



On most planning days I get the details down first and then I decorate. When I’m feeling lazy or uninspired however, I use decoration as a tool to motivate myself to plan. After setting up my monthly plan I work on the week. I transfer information from the monthly planning sheet to my weekly spread. In earlier planners I had a daily spread however I found I was wasting too much paper.

A weekly spread is just right for my needs. I take notes on sticky sheets or put them under designated tabs in my planner. The planner pages I’ve used this year have a weekly notes section but I’ll admit to not making much use of it so far.

I’m considering my planner system for 2018 and I’ll likely purchase a separate planner for this blog. Maintaining multiple personal planners can be a recipe for disaster but as one is purely for business I think I can handle that. I’m also thinking of getting a planner for my son so we can plan his days together. I’ll use stickers for his planner. Just a thought… we’ll see.


My current Binder is Cambridge binder likely purchased at Target years ago. I don’t believe it’s available anymore. My husband just happened to have it and it fit the pages I bought.  My planner Pages are FranklinPlanner and My minds Eye Planner Love Botanicals 2017 Weekly pages.  The new 2018 pages which have the same layout but different design are now available at the Franklin Planner Store.

Here’s a list of planner tools I use and sticker shops I’ve used and love incase you want to get started creating your own system:

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