Hey all! We hope your thanksgiving was excellent. Ours certainly was. I worked until Wednesday and had Thursday, Friday and the weekend off which I was grateful for.  My mother-in-law did all the cooking this year, which was a big undertaking (but she didn’t do it all the same day which helped). She did such a lovely job. We couldn’t be more grateful and Thanksgiving dinner was so delicious. We did spend some time outdoors as it was pretty warm here this weekend. I’m sure I will have to work twice as hard this week to work off the pounds surely gained this weekend.

This year I’m super thankful for: my family, the blessing of loving and having known family members who have since passed on, my son’s progress in speech and social interaction (something he’s working on still) and all the people who have helped us help him. I’m so blessed to have employment I believe to be important and helpful to our community and work associates that are just good people. My list is long guys, and it’s true my life is not perfect, but it’s perfectly mine and I’m loving living it.

Today is actually a shared birthday in my family. It’s my mom and my mother-in-law’s birthday. They are two very different women who have influenced my life in very different ways. I love them both. I hope to be a little like each of them as I continue to navigate life and motherhood and marriage.

The Holidays are here. I haven’t decorated anything yet. We usually don’t until December as we have birthdays to celebrate between Thanksgiving and December. Next weekend I will likely get everything up. I will try to share a decoration tour of sorts with you then.

Thursday is Independence Day in Barbados. Barbados gained Independence from Britain on the 30th of November 1966. I want to take a moment to wish all of my Bajan readers, family and friends the Happiest and Best for Independence Day this year.

That’s all for now. With Love Michelle



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