In this post I talk about an experiment we did. Do not try this at home!

Ok so long time no post right! I know I’ve been M.I.A for a while now and for that I apologise I have just been so busy but I’m happily back. I told you in a previous post I was doing this course for work and well it kept me super busy. Working a forty hour week and being a student was hard. My blog didn’t stand a chance guys, sorry. Now let’s catch up!

Can you believe this year is flying by already. I’m glad we are getting ever closer to spring, especially because it’s been so bitter cold here. Despite the frigid weather we’ve still had a bit of family fun playing with dry ice, making salami snowmen and seeing the community play.

The salami snowman appeared one friday in January I believe and the lucky snowman is still standing! Well leaning only a little to one side but still sporting all his accoutrements. This was a daddy day project. Josh and I both work during the week but Little J spends Fridays with dad and not daycare, as Josh works from home. I love seeing and hearing what they’ve been up to while I was at work. This snowman was a fun day for them.

Another Friday after receiving a steak delivery we thought it would be fun to do a little science project with our son. Do not try this at home! Dry ice is a solid form of Carbon Dioxide! Please know that simply breathing this in is dangerous in enclosed spaces but we were in a large open space. Josh or I held on to little J the entire time as I didn’t want him anywhere near the ice. Dry ice will cause severe frostbite on contact. Little J’s Grandpa Boyd,a family doctor was also home. We cautiously set up some dry ice in a big metal bowl in the sink. Josh took control of the experiment and I took control of our son.

Of course when water hit the ice it began to fog up delighting our little one. I was a nervous wreck for most of the experiment but it was a fun experience too. Not something I’d urge one to try to do and certainly not without due caution!


This year I did not act in the Nelson County Arts Council’s Community play as I had in earlier years. Mostly I was just too busy! It was still important to me though to go and support the actors that doing this year’s production. The Nelson County Arts Council hosted Snow White by Marjorie Sokoloff this year. The production was great. If you live in the area, have kids or just love the theater I highly recommend going to one of their productions.

These have traditionally been family friendly plays performed by talented actors in the community. Their audience seems to grow every year and we could hardly find parking this year! Performances are in winter and I am never sorry I trudged through the cold or snow to make it there. I do it most years.


We had such a blast at this performance and it actually held our three-year old’s attention very well. He laughed and laughed which made the entire experience 100% better too! We got to take pics with the actors after the show and took a pic in the infamous mirror as well. Loved it!

Well now that you are all caught up I’ll promise once more.. not such a long wait between post. In fact I have a fun one lined up with a friend and artist I truly admire. Until then though I hope you are having the best start to the year.

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