It is Crop Over and Kadooment day in Barbados. Family and friends are out enjoying music, dancing and revelry in the streets. As they celebrate they pay tribute to the original festivals that marked the end of the harvest during the times of slavery. This festival renamed and given a new life in 1974 is important to our culture. It is important that we remember where we came from and to celebrate how we’ve overcome overtime all the challenges that faced us.

Barbados is on a long road to financial recovery yet the spirit of the people is high around the Crop Over festival. The festival provides the opportunity for Bajans to take a break from the reality of the economy. The festival itself is good for the economy as it draws many tourists yearly. The music and dancing are the stars of the festival. Calypso music is distinct to the region and covers themes from casual feel good themes to politcal commentary. If you ever have the chance I highly encourage a visit to the island during the crop over festival.

Enjoy the rest of the festival my fellow Bajans… Yes I am thinking of home today.