What I love most about my ring binder is the freedom it allows me to reinvent my life. New planner pages affords me a new planning style every year.

I have used a Franklin Planner for years. This was my first planner system as a teenager and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Last year I used an old binder my husband had with my Franklin Planner pages. I love the layout of the pockets and the zip in the back of the planner. It’s a Cambridge binder. I’m sure it was pretty affordable and I can tell you it’s well made. This binder has been through hell for a year and it is still in fairly good condition.

My old faithful Cambridge Binder. (Not sure they make this anymore as I couldn’t find it anywhere).

I was using The planner Love system from Franklin Covey and My mind’s eye but wanted to switch the way I was organizing my in 2019. What I needed was more space but also structure. Not an easy ask.

The solution came on Etsy. Last year I wanted to bullet journal in my planner I’d put so much love into but was having a hard time finding paper in Franklin Covey’s Compact size. That’s when I stumbled onto the JeePapeterieShop on Etsy and fell in love. Not only does Jee sell paper in the hard to find Compact paper size but the quality of her paper and variety of paper sizes in her store was excellent. After looking through her shop I found the 2019 planner pages I needed.

The pages I’m using this year are her Day On 2 Pages-B, FULL-YEAR of Daily Inserts-Version B. I opted for the 4.25×6.75 Franklin Covey Compact size punch. I’m loving them. I’ve been looking for every excuse to touch this luxurious feeling paper and take every opportunity to write in my planner.

The paper is a bit more expensive than most. Certainly more pricey than what is on offer at Franklin Covey for pages at the moment but the quality is excellent and the layouts are well thought out. Since getting my planner I have ordered extra pages to use for writing, my small bullet journal needs (mainly lists) and blank paper for journaling. I love the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach and plan to use my planner this year not only for scheduling purposes but the creation of the various journals referenced in the book.

I am keeping one month at a time in my Today section with a page finder so I can easily find my day. These pages afford me space to list my gratitudes thus acting as a daily gratitude journal. My bullet journal lists will be kept in my goals section. My notes section and meetings section will house my lined paper specifically for those purposes. Finally my journaling section will house my blank paper for dream boards and to serve as my illustrated discovery journal. Everything I need in one place.

That’s it. That’s my planning system of choice this year. It will help me keep organized. I still highly recommend the Franklin Planner systems and even hope to upgrade to a leather Compact Franklin Planner Binder eventually. For this stage of my life though the pages by the JeePapeterieShop are just too perfect to resist.

What are you using to plan your year with? Do you use a planner or are you solely digital? I mix the two. Do you blend both? Let me know what you think and check out the JeePapeterieShop on Etsy while you are at it.

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