How I got a great Twist Out

How I got a great Twist Out

This post contains affiliate links! That means that when you buy something as a result of clicking a link on this page I receive a commission. There is no additional charge to you should you choose to support this blog by doing so. I only become affiliated with products I use, enjoy and want to share. Thank you for your support.

I’d just about given up. It felt like I’d tried everything but nothing would give me that much sought after cute twist out that I kept seeing all over Pinterest and YouTube. Then two weeks ago on a whim I decided to order The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24 Karat Glistening Gold Twisting Gel. I am so glad I did.

Just to get a bit of perspective, my hair is natural and would be mainly and O on the Lois hair typing system. On the Andre Walker hair typing system, mainly 4B hair.  if I include the additional type added to the Andre Walker System by the natural hair community I’d be a 4C.

Previous attempts to get a twist out have not been too successful but I’d heard so much buzz about this product I decided to give it a try. The results were beyond expectation.


How I did my Twist Out.

Twisting my 4c Hair

I started out with clean damp hair sectioned into four plaits. I moisturized each section using SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Leave-In Conditioner and sealed it with Acure Organics Argan Oil.

Getting just a dab of  The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24 Karat Gold Twisting Gel on my fingers, I created several twist in each section. I was sure to get product right down to the ends of each twist. If I got to a section that had dried I used a spray bottle of water to damp the section again. Once done I sectioned my twist and for neatness until the evening. When I headed to bed I tied my hair up in a scarf to keep the twist neat.

My Hair twisted


The Take Down

Early this morning I set about taking down my twist. I applied Acure Organics Argan Oil to my hands and then began taking down my hair. I undid did each twist and then went through once more separating each small section.


The Result

The rock star of this production was most definitely the Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24 Karat Gold Twisting Gel. What I love beside the definition in the curl, is the feel of my hair. It looks great without being unpleasant to the touch. My hair feels soft and not tacky at all. At least on day one it has bounce and movement. I’ll definitely repurchase this product in the future.

I have yet to try a wash and go with this product. If you have a thick curly hair and nothing else has worked for you maybe give this one a try. Please let me know what you think? Have any of you tried it? Does it work for a wash and go?

That’s all for now. With Love Michelle

September Loves – Favorites 2017

September Loves – Favorites 2017

This post contains affiliate links! That means that when you buy something as a result of clicking a link on this page I receive a commission. There is no additional charge to you should you choose to support this blog by doing so. I only become affiliated with products I use, enjoy and want to share. Thank you for your support.

It’s October! Fall is definitely making its mark. Golden trees are dancing in cool winds and I’m looking forward to what I hope will be a very good month. Today I’m sharing our favorite moments and products from September and a bit of what I’m looking forward to this month.

My Journal and Franklin Planner - September Favorites 2017

My favorite discovery this September was bullet journaling. I love watching bullet journal videos and I think it’s an absolutely creative way to plan. Though I admire the many ways people are using it to plan their day, I think I want to use it more in my personal journal. It’s such a great way to record goals and track progress. I also love drawing in my personal journal. For daily planning though, I’m sticking to my Franklin Planner and my Calendar 5 app.

Netflix is a definite addiction. Murdoch Mysteries (aka the Artful detective in the U.S.) has been this months main love. Murdoch is a detective at the turn of the 20th Century with a sharp analytical mind. This is such a fun series staring Yannick Bisson as Detective Murdoch. The series is well cast with one of my personal favorite characters, Constable George Crabtree, played by actor Jonny Harris. We are also fans of The Crown, The Last Kingdom (definitely for adult audiences) and The Blacklist.    

Little J playing his Fisher Price Lion Piano. Our cat watches.


Little J loves watching home videos and reenacting them. This is also how’s he’s taught himself to play Twinkle Twinkle on the piano.  We love his piano. When we purchased it we didn’t really even know all of its features. It’s more like a keyboard with various instrument sounds and is a great way to teach little kids to play and love music. Our son gets a kick out of recording himself playing and then listening to the playback.

Little J also has two favorite books he’s now using to learn how to read. Guess how much I Love You and Because I Am Your Dad. These books have been read repeatedly in our household.

Josh in the Garden, Tomatoes and Morning Glories

My last favorite of the month actually has everything to do with my husband Josh. The garden. As I said is my last post, I’ve hardly been working in there this year. Any success we’ve had is entirely because of God and Josh. I love looking out of my office window and seeing the morning glories, tomatoes and sunflowers.
These have certainly brought us joy last month.  This October I’m looking forward to trying some new products. I’m also looking forward to Halloween fun with my boys.

Wishing you all the best this October. With Love. Michelle.

Top Toys 10 at 1yr

Top Toys 10 at 1yr

Little J is two now with new toys and games to play with. I thought it might be nice however to share a few of the toys he enjoyed at a year old.

1. Our son has really enjoyed using the iPad at every opportunity. We try to limit the time he spends on it and I’ve customized it for him.  One of his favorite apps on the iPad is Elmo loves ABCs. This is a fun app that teaches the alphabet, has short videos and allows for drawing and coloring. Little J loves tracing and identifying letters. We use this along with reading and interactive play with mom and dad.

Baby First Tv

2. One of L.J’s favorite channels is The Baby First Channel. He loves the Color Crew, Rainbow Horse and The Notekins. When we want to watch something on television we sometimes let him watch tv on the iPad. The baby first app has been pretty good for that purpose. Our son certainly loves it. It is a subscription though I wasn’t fond of it being a separate charge on each device. I pay separately on my iPad and then again on the Roku. If it didn’t make him so happy and buy mom a bit of time to do things like blog, I wouldn’t have it on more than one device.

VTech Desk

3. The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk is a great toy.   Little J isn’t a big talker but he is great with identifying letters, numbers, shapes, animals etc. when prompted. He will point out the correct answers most of the time. This is one reason I thought this toy would be good for him. He really loves it too. Aside from instruction on the alphabet it also comes with four card inserts that teach, seasons, direction, weather, animals, body parts and more. It plays classical music or pop music (simple nursery rhymes). It has a volume control which is definite plus on my list. The desk isn’t just another digital toy either it lifts up to reveal drawing space and a chalkboard. If I had any suggestion it would be about the accompanying chair which I would prefer to have a back.

Imag Library Logo [Converted]

4. Thankfully in such a digital world my son’s favorite thing to do is still read a good book. Little J has a few books he’s inherited. My mother-in-law did a great job of keeping books that her kids read. (It brings me such joy to know Little J is reading the same books his father read extra scribbles and all.)  Little J also has books we’ve bought for him and books he’s received as gifts. Another great resource we use for books through our local library program is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. As a part of this program Little J gets a new book every month.  This is definitely worth looking into if you are looking for ways to encourage your child to read.

See and Say

5. The Fisher Price Classic Farmer Says See ‘n Say is a classic toy. I didn’t have one growing up that I can recall, but my hubby did. Its premise is simple. Pull the lever the arrow spins around and goes to an animal which makes the corresponding sound. Little kids will need help pulling the string for a while and it’s a noisy toy with no sound control.  I wish some of the sounds were more realistic but all in all it’s a good toy.

Zingo Think Fun

6. ThinkFun Zingo is not really a toy for little kids still putting everything in their mouths. Especially not great for kids without supervision as the pieces are small. However we play with Little J who seems (mostly) past the “put everything in my mouth stage” and he really loves it. We don’t as yet play it like the speed game it was intended. We use it as a simple matching game to encourage him to speak out more. I can put the pieces close to my mouth as I label them for him so he can see how I form the word and imitate. He’s great at matching the items and gets a kick from the chip replacement system. I wouldn’t leave him to play with this on his own as it’s a choking hazard and the pieces are easily lost but it’s been helping him express himself a bit more.

7. Uncle Goose Braille Alphabet Blocks these are the type Little J has and we love them.  I spoke about these blocks in an earlier post. Little J still loves these. They were a great toy for him at one year and I’m sure they’ll still be a hit at two. We use them for stacking mostly but they’d be a neat way to teach spelling also. I love that they have braille and expose our son to sign language as well.

8. Star Castle Prince House Indoor Boys Blue Tent outdoor Kids Play Hut by POCO DIVO This is a fun one.  It’s meant for outdoor use but we have it in the corner of his room and use it (supervised) as a neat reading spot. It took him a while to warm up to this one but now he loves dragging me into the tiny space to read. We’ll probably take it outdoors some for the summer.

Vtech Remote

9. VTech Click and Count Remote This was a favorite of Little J’s for a very long time. I can’t say it kept him away from our tv remote but it does manage to entertain him. The songs are familiar nursery rhymes and might just get your little one moving.

10. Little Helper Broom Set.  The concept of giving your child a broom might seem so not fun to at first but I remember just how much our little ones love to imitate their parents. Little J enjoys following me around and helping out with his chores and I hope it’s a trait that sticks!

So there you go. Our top ten from Little J’s past year. Hope there’s something helpful or fun you can share with a child on this list. What were your favorite toys as a kid. I remember a yellow plastic teapot house I had as a kid and my parents have a picture of me about my son’s age pushing the broom around the house too. Fun!



PopSugar Must Have Box August

PopSugar Must Have Box August

Last month’s PopSugar Must Have box is the first box I wasn’t so happy with at first but it sort of grew on me.


The PASTEL Best Day Ever Mug ($12)  I’m not a huge fan of the design of this mug but I did like the sentiment.  We have a lot of mugs but I found myself gravitating to it this particular one. I started using it nearly every morning since I received it.

IMG_2366 (1)

Meri Meri Toot Sweet Pink Stripe Napkins ($5.95) I also didn’t care for these so much when I opened the box. Napkins? Really? Then I opened the packet and started using them. I have a really nice tea set that these napkins go incredibly well with adding a nice esthetic to my evening routine.

Tea Balm

ROYAL APOTHIC Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment ($36) I was impressed with the beautiful packaging of this eye-treatment.  I really love the product too. It feels really good on the skin. After using this every night I started to realize that I was really starting to enjoy this box! This box was useful. Nearly every product I received I actually use often, if not daily.

American Colors Plaid Scarf

AMERICAN COLORS Mediterranean Plaid Scarf ($79). The scarf is a great length and is really beautiful. I’ll make good use out of this as it begins to get cooler. It’s made of 100% cotton gauze.

Southern Culture Shortstacks Pancake and Waffle Mix

SOUTHERN CULTURE Shortstacks Pancake & Waffle Mix (7.99) I haven’t tried these yet but I am eager to. Yum! This looks so good and I bet it has the potential to wipe away any initial negativity I held towards this box. This product boasts being all-natural and can be prepared with buttermilk, milk, almond or soy milk. It also could be made as a vegan recipe with just an adjustment or two.


HAPPY JACKSON Yay Lunch! Lunch Box ($10) This is one thing I have not come around to from this box. It is not microwave or dishwasher safe. It is a simple box. Too simple for my taste. I suppose it would be good for an outing but it just isn’t a must have for me. On the plus side I love the color and the graphics are pretty cute.

MYYOGAWORKS 3–Month Trial ($45, Not pictured) This is a fun addition to the box. I have always flirted with yoga and I even have a yoga app on my iPad I should make better use of. I would give this one a try.  Now this is a fun ‘Must Have’ as it gives the opportunity to do something new which I truly appreciate.

Folgers Iced Cafe

FOLGERS ICED CAFÉ ™ Caramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee Drink Concentrate ($4.99) This was listed as a special extra. I am not a huge fan of iced or cold coffee myself but I gave this a try and I liked it. Just a few drops into cold milk and you are ready to go. I was pleasantly surprised.

This blog post has affiliate links which means if you buy a PopSugar box I will receive compensation.  This in no way impacts what you are charged for your purchase. My opinions are my own and I only become affiliated with brands I enjoy.  POPSUGAR is a subscription surprise box that delivers the best in fashion, home, fitness and more. Subscriptions start at $39.95.  

So there you have it guys. In the end I was happy with this PopSugar Must Have box and I felt like I did get my money’s worth. I have tried sample beauty boxes for far less money but now I have a stash of beauty products I don’t use or never liked. I can use a mug, napkins, a scarf etc. Can you?


PopSugar Must Have Box July

PopSugar Must Have Box July

It’s that time again. Today I am sharing what I got in my PopSugar Must Have Box. It’s always so much fun receiving these surprise boxes and so far there has been at least one item I have loved in each. This one was no exception.  Here is what was in this month’s box.

Please note : I am now an affiliate of a pop sugar affiliate. When you buy items from these links I will receive a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.  I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself. Thank you for your support.

Adventure was the theme of the July box.

Henry Bendel

Henry Bendel Signature Stripe Canvas Doop Kit

I am loving the HENRI BENDEL Signature Stripe Canvas Dopp Kit ($28). This is such a cute case. I love that it fully expands making it easy to get in and out of.  I also love that it’s water-resistant.  It’s a good size too, which is hard to tell on a photo, so here are the dimensions: 4.25″H X 6.5″W X 3.25″D; opened top: 4″ X 5.75″


Supergoop! Defense Refreshing Setting Mist SPF 50

SUPERGOOP! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50.  This is one of the new products on Supergoop’s website.  So what’s so super about this goop? It’s a make up mist that claims to do three things in one. It sets your make up, protects your skin with an SPF of 50 and controls oil and shine.  I have tried this and I really like it. I have dry skin and can’t really judge the oil control much but I love the smell and I felt this kept my make up in place.  I was afraid the mist would leave spots in my make up but it really didn’t. This ranges in price depending on size from $12 to $28 dollars.  I received the largest size. As I don’t wear make-up daily I’m betting this will last a good while.

Social Card Case

Social Card Case

SORIAL Card Case ($28) This is a basic but cute case This might get some use as a place to hold cards when I am out shopping with baby in tow. 



Pop Dental Portable Toothbrush. ($19.99) This is one of my faves from this months box. Love this cute sleek toothbrush. It could be mistaken for lipstick in your purse. Delivering 22,000 brush strokes per minute this is sure to leave you with a great smile.

Yes To

Yes To Blueberries

Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes. ($5.99) I tried these and I really like them. I will say, in my opinion, that washing your face is still the most effective way to remove makeup. However, these wipes will definitely do the job when you are in a jam. I intend on purchasing these myself and putting some in christmas stockings this year!

The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar

The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar

The Good Bean Fruit and No-nut Bar, Chocolate Berry! ($1.99) Instead of nuts this comes with chickpeas which are rich in protein. It is entirely vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. It also has a mix of berries and dark chocolate chunks. Honestly, this one wasn’t for me. I found it very dry. My hubby who lends his taste buds to all food testing in these boxes 😉 didn’t like it either. It’s certainly an option if you are looking for a gluten-free, or vegan option in a pinch but I can’t say it would be my first choice. Try it once though. What I don’t like, you just might and for $1.99 it’s priced right for at least a taste. I would be open to trying one of their other products but this one just didn’t work for me.

One more thing! A special extra was in this month’s box.

Hallmark Signature

Hallmark Signature

Hallmark Signature Greeting Cards. ($14.97) Although I don’t do it as often as I should I still love to write letters, and send cards so I was happy with this little extra from my PopSugar Must Have Box. I received three assorted cards. Though they are not all in my style, they are all very well made and they definitely have personality.  I would certainly check out this line at Hallmark.

So that’s it. The Popsugar Must Have box for July is completely sold out! If you place an order now you will receive the box for August. Just FYI. I must admit I’m looking forward to fall not only because of the beauty of the season itself but to find out how my fall boxes will be themed!


Our Current Top Ten Baby Favorites

Our Current Top Ten Baby Favorites

Ok so we thought we’d share some of our top ten baby products with you today.

Please note: I am an affiliate of some of the products listed here and thus, when you buy items from these links, I will receive a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.  I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself. Thank you for your support.

These are the products we are using and loving.  We’ll start with our baby monitor.713izADgyGL._SX522_


1. Summer Infant Digital Color Video Baby Monitor – Dual Coverage

This baby monitor may be short on fancy features but it’s big on practicality.  When our son was born we didn’t have a baby monitor and decided to monitor on our devices instead.  We used mainly the Baby Monitor 3G and loved it for a long time but eventually I wanted something that didn’t have so much light in the room. His our ours where the parent device was located. We also wanted something a bit more reliable that didn’t depend on having a signal.  We needed something with good range and something simple.  I really didn’t want something he’d notice in the room because that would keep him up at night. I also didn’t need something where I could talk to him.  Hearing my voice and not seeing mommy would simply frustrate our little one.  Now that may not be the case for all kids but it is true of our son.  This simple monitor did the trick and eased my worry.  I can monitor our son from anywhere in the house and that means basement, main floor or second floor.  The reception is great and night vision works well too.



2. Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System, Nyssa

I wanted this product for a long time before I got it.  I had seen it when I researching what baby products to buy and I had never seen such a well reviewed product.  I was intrigued and after reading the reviews I knew I had to have it.  For several months I just fed our son on my lap which was a frustrating, messy and limiting process. I also felt like he wasn’t really learning to feed himself that way as mom was always worried about mess. When I was finally able to buy this high chair that changed. Our son took to it right away and learned to feed himself in no time.  The best thing about this is that it grows with your child. It is high chair, infant booster, toddler booster, youth chair. It’s easily maneuvered and not horrible to clean.  Tip: we use a plastic sheet beneath it to protect hardwood floors from messy food stains.


3. Disney Multi Bin Toy Organizer, Mickey Mouse

To wrangle all of Little J’s toys we use this toy bin.  It is a great organizer and a good way to teach little ones to clean up after themselves.  We use it to teach the concept of in and out.  It’s attractive and comes in different designs our little on just happens to love Mickey Mouse.  It’s a small thing but it makes such a difference.




4. Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers, 36 Count

Make bath time fun and educational! That was my goal when I got these and I am so glad I did.  They are a great teaching tool and our little one really loves sorting them.  They stick to the side of the bath and the bath mirror. Spell out messages to your little one. Pick a letter or number of the day or through them all in the bath.



5. Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag, 80-Piece (Classic)

These are great builders for little ones. We have so much fun naming colors and putting them together.  They are big pieces and easy to play with. We keep these in the packaging they came in so clean up is easy.




6. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Puppy

I got this for our son’s first birthday and he still enjoys it.  This is teaches parts of the body and sings.  Our little one admittedly pays most attention to the heart button because he loves red and buttons are so cool to him now.  I’m sure he’ll benefit from this one for a long time yet.


7. OXO Tot 4-Piece Feeding Set

We love this set.  Aside from being attractive, this feeding set has really been helpful in teaching our son to feed himself.  The cutlery is easy to hold and it’s BPA, phthalate and PVC free. It’s fairly stable to prevent slipping around when eating.


8. OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

This is a great bib. My favorite applications for this bib include teaching baby to drink from a cup and use during travel.  Our son is just glad he can get his blueberries out there when he’d otherwise loose them. Practical and easy to use.




9. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player (4230R) With Voice Search (2015 model)

One you probably haven’t seen on any other lists. How is a Roku a baby Item? Well let’s see. The tv in my office isn’t hooked up to our provider Direct TV. When I got two Roku boxes for Christmas I hooked one up to the TV in my office. Now I have access to so many programs for myself but also for my son.  On on Roku we enjoy, PBS Kids, The Disney Channel, Hulu and Amazon Prime.  With these we watch Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, He-Man, Calliou and Baby First Tv. When I am working in my office one of these is usually playing in the background.



10. Uncle Goose Braille ABC with Sign Language Blocks – Made in USA

These blocks were a huge hit.  They are one of our son’s favorites.  He loves to stack these as high as he can. They are an attractive set and we love using them as a teaching tool too.


There you have it.  Our current favorite baby items.